Duck Soup In A Dawg Bowl is a Radio show that started in 1993 at KANM 99.5 FM Cable in College Station, Texas. Yes – FM Cable.

We would link to them but they suck now. So here is their loser logo…


Formed by new but fast friends Kristofer “Duckman” Cowles and Chris “Maddawg” Pennington, the show was intended to provide a listenable choice for students at Texas A&M University while all of the other shows focused on “the alternative choice for the alternative voice” – meaning liberal and never-gonna-see-airplay – music in the ultra=conservative Brazos Valley of Central Texas. See the above logo…

The show originally aired from 3AM to 6AM on Wednesday and then got bumped to a better time slot: Midnight to 3AM on Wednesdays.

Featuring long-play and extended mixes of relatively fringe dance hits of the mid-1980s to 1990s, alternative b-side well-known artists and the occasional off-the-wall requests as well as off-color humor and music interspersed with nearly-award-winning live public service announcements and commercials, Duck Soup In A Dawg Bowl quickly became a fan favorite and steady over-achiever in the overnight demographics for collegiate FM Cable Radio in College Station – DSIADB was indisputably the king and owner of that time slot and demographic in that market and format. Often they boasted of just over more than one confirmed listener, and more than once fielded calls from as far away as Missouri and even Pennsylvania. The night they received calls from Louisiana, New Jersey, and College Station sticks out as a high point in their pre-professional career.

Maddawg and Duckman took a hiatus of 21 years to let the listening public recuperate, and have returned now with a purpose: Keep doing what they’re doing. Or were doing.

Still insisting on quality air-play and good music, it’s hard to categorize this show. You’ll know it’s good within a few minutes, or maybe it will take longer. Aside from keeping it clean so you can listen with your kids in the car, Duckman and Maddawg make sure you are either completely in tune with the conversation they have between songs – or aren’t. But if you aren’t, they usually acknowledge that…or they insist you up your knowledge on music and movies and life in general – and if you can’t do that anywhere else, you can at least do it here. When the show is over, somebody has learned something. As the Duckman says, “We’re always teaching something. You just gotta be willing to learn.”

Unabashedly not giving a whit if anyone is listening or not, you’d swear these guys had a following and they were pandering to those subscribers every minute.

They are.