We’ve already posted on Social Media that we’re working on our next show…pictures of the Maddawg and Duckman getting set in their “studios” at their houses and all that, as the picture clearly shows.

show 1 tease

Yeah, you can click on it to see the whole thing….


The challenge has been that the two pet shop boyz are in two different places – Duckman securely in the Duck Ponderosaa and Maddawg in the Dawg Pound…about 200 miles apart.

So, we thought we had the technology figured out…

Here is the result.

Trust us…a show IS coming. It’s just that currently there are more opportunities to learn how NOT to do this…

It does give the Dawg a little more time to add at least two songs to the playlist. But then again, he’s the good looking one, so talent doesn’t matter.

Enjoy the following eight minutes from our ever-expanding blooper reel while we prep the rest of the show. Evidently we enjoyed it! If nothing else, this should let you know that we are who we are. It’s not an act.

Sad, isn’t it?