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Show 2: Back to Basics

FINALLY! Show 2 is here!

It’s actually our third show, but we did not like the one we did between this one and our re-debut, so we’re leaving that one for the archives.

Please still bear with us while we (The Duckman) build the site. The show is more important than the site, and we have normal lives, too.

Keep up with us on facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (more to follow) by clicking on the icons below next to the post author profile. This is obviously a work in progress but we’d rather you get the show – that’s what it’s all about, right? – and have to deal with our construction mess than wait a few weeks for the final online result.

The show runs three hours and three minutes – stay tuned for the final moments! Individual hours are in post-production now so you will be able to download those soon, but right now it is the entire show.

Click for the Show Playlist

Coming soon…maybe the Maddawg wil do this part…

The Playlist's Videos on our YouTube Channel

Well, it will be there at some point. Just download the show and don’t worry about video right now!